Mothership 2010

A central piece of my first gallery show in Tucson, Arizona. Mothership measures 6ft x 4ft and was printed on high-quality backlit transparency. The transparency was sandwiched between two sheets of 1/8″ plexiglass and light-boxed some 6″ from the gallery wall with white styrofoam blocking. Inside the frame were four banks of fluorescent lights that made the entire piece visible from nearly 2 blocks away as it hung from the ceiling by stainless steel cables and pulleys. Situated on the floor below this glowing spectacle were satellite speakers and a subwoofer that continuously played a looping, dreamy and distorted mashup of carnival sounds sourced from 8 different countries.

Photography and Installation: Allan Sturm
Gallery: The FRONT @ Platform Gallery, Lin Cohorn
Tucson Weekly Article: Downtown-area galleries kick off the fall with ‘The Big Picture’