Allan Sturm Photographer - LoveSmack Studios 2012-2015Back in 2010 I took up photography again – this time it was digital. In the beginning, I mostly photographed the first two nouns: places and things. In 2011 I began photographing people – mostly street and event photography. Then I became involved in Tucson’s fledgling fashion industry, shooting runway and models when I could. It was addicting to shoot women and I was told I had a knack but something was missing. I needed a dedicated space to hone my skills and to craft alliances with other photographers – a place where models would feel safe and enjoy themselves.

From 2012 through 2015 I opened and operated the first and only studio in Tucson dedicated to fashion photography. It was popular and it cost me dearly to keep running. I met some seriously talented photographers and models and made friends with more people than I can remember. It was quite the adventure and I was very fortunate to have found a great location that made it easy for everyone in the industry to socialize.

In late 2015 I hung up my pro camera for good. I now shoot whatever catches my eye exclusively with an iPhone. I don’t miss lugging around big heavy cameras and lenses but if I could find a professional grade mirrorless with wifi & cellular connectivity (and apps!), I might get back into photography. In the meantime, I’m happy tapping away on my iPhone!

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